McGregor Building: Interiors

Because I know someone who works at HMC, I went on a short interior tour of the newest building last week. The McGregor Computer Science Building has been open this year now that students are back on campus. I was taken with the abstract artistic possibilities for photography. Here are examples of STEAM, for sure.

Black Friday Hike

We were not the only people not shopping on Black Friday. Many people (and their dogs) were out enjoying the 4.4 mile out-and-back hike to Eaton Canyon Falls in Pasadena. We arrived around 9:30 and left around 11. Many more people were arriving as we were leaving.

The payoff was a lovely waterfall at the end of the trail. Heading there, the trail is a slight uphill, and AllTrails ranks this hike as easy. I would agree with that, but also recommend hiking boots for the last ¼ of the way. There are many rocks and a few stream crossings.


On Monday I saw a post on the Claremont Buy Nothing Facebook page. It was a flash give (come pick it up soon!), and the lemon curd looked delicious. As the first to respond, I was the lucky winner.

I jumped into the car, and as I drove I saw this amazing sunset.

Of course I am thankful today and always for my family and friends and good health. I am also thankful for the Buy Nothing Group and for beautiful sunsets.

Communal Coffee

As we are visiting our daughter and son-in-law in their (relatively) new neighborhood of South Park in San Diego, we are slowly trying out the various food and coffee places that are within a few blocks of their house.

This weekend we had coffee at Communal Coffee, a sweet little trailer with an adorable patio. We are grateful to live in such a climate where we can enjoy sitting outside in November.

I had a hot chocolate, and it hit the spot as it was more chocolatey than sweet. It reminded me of hot chocolate in Switzerland.

(Re)Place at the California Botanic Garden

A new sculptural installation has opened at the botanic garden. I found these offerings delightful and think that they have wide appeal.

According to the website:

(Re)place is a collaboration between artist Brandon Lomax and the California Botanic Garden’s past, present and future. Sculptural works will be shown at various stages of completion from fully-fired clay works that are as durable as stone as well as unfired works that are more vulnerable to the weather and elements of the Botanic Gardens. With guidance from the garden’s horticultural specialists, Lomax embedded some works with native plant species. Throughout the duration of the exhibit, unfired clay works will disintegrate and rejoin the soil, their once solid forms replaced by new plant species.

Biking Whittier Narrows to Irwindale

We are fortunate to live where we enjoy outdoor activities pretty much year-round. This has been especially true during the most severe lock-down part of this pandemic, as well as today. Saturday’s bike ride came suggested, once again, by our Cycling Orange County book. This is yet another path from the book that is completely in LA County.

Anyway, the weather was quite foggy when we started out on our drive, and it stayed pretty gray throughout the morning. No worries, we didn’t have to lather up with sunblock, and we didn’t get too hot.

We could have ridden this trail from Irwindale to Whittier and back, but we figured that riding towards the mountains would slope uphill. My preferred way of riding (or hiking) is to go uphill first.

The bike path itself is nicely paved with mile markers every .25 mile. We saw many bikers, and I learned the meaning of the word peloton. Here is one such group that we saw.

The path goes along the San Gabriel River which is mostly dry. There are a few areas of water above small dams.

Is this a white pelican? I’m not sure.

We also saw a heron in a tree.

I wouldn’t describe the path as particularly scenic. It runs along the 605 for aways, and there is also a lot of trash and some homeless camps. For exercise, I would recommend it. For photos, not as much.