Gardens at the Maloof Foundation

IMG_5813Even yesterday’s cool weather couldn’t keep us from enjoying a picnic lunch celebrating a friend’s birthday. She chose the Sam Maloof Foundation as the site for our potluck. Maloof, a local woodworker and furniture designer has pieces in New York’s Met, LACMA and the Smithsonian. His foundation offers tours of his Alta Loma home, showroom and workshop a few days a week, but we just enjoyed wandering the gardens and enjoying all of the sculptures and various art.

Now I will make an effort to return for a tour.




WPA Art at the PO – Claremont’s Heritage

The Claremont PO, built in the 1930s as a Works Progress Administration project, still preserves the Claremont artist Milford Zornes’ mural depicting scenes of Claremont’s heritage of that era. Read about this mural at the Claremont Heritage site. You can jump to pages 26 and 27 of this virtual book to read about this mural.


It rings the upper perimeter of the lobby so there is something beautiful to view at every turn.


Currently, the post office is selling WPA stamps.


via Photo Challenge: Heritage

Mall Murals

Even if you are not a mall person (I certainly am not), you might want to pop over to Montclair Place (what we used to call Montclair Plaza). The first mural of a yearlong art installation has brightened up a long wall in the parking lot. It has been there since the end of April. It depicts Montclair’s view of the  San Gabriel Mountains.


Last weekend, another mural went up inside the mall. It’s near the top of the escalators on the east end of Montclair Place.


More art will continue to appear throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Used Books for Sale – Every Thursday

I haven’t tired of taking pictures of the ocean, and I haven’t tired of taking photos of used books. A while ago I clipped this photo from Pilgrim Place’s Facebook page, and I had been meaning to check out the weekly used book sale.

Pilgrim Place Book Sale

It might be a little hard to find, but if you are near the main administrative building, look for this road sign across the way


Go down the road to the Festival Building (see if the toilet is still there when you go).


You’ll find an open door


and people sorting through donations


and thousands of carefully organized books with something for everyone.

I especially appreciate that the novels are alphabetical by author.