December Photo Round-Up

Winter officially came, but Claremont, as usual, lags behind many parts of the world. It did get colder, we got a little rain, but we are waiting for more. The trees on our street lost all of their leaves.

Village Merchants decorated shop windows for Christmas.

The El Roble Orchestra played in the Village Plaza and performed with the jazz band and concert band for their winter concert.

It was the season to celebrate being with friends. Our book club had our annual book exchange. I met with friends at Augie’s for coffee, Claremont Yoga had a party, and the chemistry majors at HMC decorated Christmas cards.

Mount Baldy showed a little white on the top.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!


White Christmas

For the first time in many years, we traveled for Christmas to visit family in Iowa and Colorado. It’s a good thing we still have winter coats as we saw snow and felt temps well below freezing.

Enjoy these photos of winter from the country center.

The Christmas Story

Here are scenes from the Christmas story as told by the people of Claremont UCC on Sunday in the annual Journey to Bethlehem. (Some of the photos are from the church’s Facebook page.)

Elizabeth and Mary discuss their pregnancies.


Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem and set up shop to wait in the barn.


Baby Jesus arrives in an unusual, and very sweet way this year.


Facebook photo

And Suddenly, there were angels….


Facebook photo

And because you can never have too many angel photos…

The shepherds. They got to pet the baby. After that, one shepherd was a little bored.

The wise men (our moderator team which included two women). As a matter of fact, the baby Jesus was played by a girl this year.

And the star. As far as I know this is our first star. Nice touch.


Merry Christmas!

Methodist Nativity

Several weeks ago I walked by the Methodist Church to see what their large Nativity would be, and the space was empty. In the past they have displayed thought-provoking images, asking us to reconsider the story of the coming of an infant into a conflicted world. These nativities generated not only much discussion, but also suffered vandalism. You can see photos of past nativities here.

A few days ago I noticed this billboard in front of the church.

+ + +

This article has just been brought to my attention.


Cool California Challenge

This little blurb in the Claremont Courier IMG_0448a few months ago prompted me to help Claremont win the Cool California Challenge which runs from October through March. Residents log in to the website and report energy usage – gas, electricity and odometer readings. Claremont is currently in first place, but I have no idea what a winning prize will be. Twenty-two cities are in the competition, and 215 Claremonters have signed up.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 4.03.17 PM

Our solar panels, plug-in hybrid, and the energy retrofit we did have helped us reduce our carbon footprint.



Cheese Cave

We recently had a small raclette party. IMG_0902We like to remember our year in Switzerland in different ways, and food is an especially fun way to do so. You can read about our dinner here.

Before we moved back to Claremont, I wasn’t sure that we could find this particular kind of cheese, but then I remembered that, of course, our town has its very own Cheese Cave with products from all over the world.

I really enjoy going to this store for its great customer service, cute décor and variety of items, from cheese to spreads, chocolates, wine, beer, specialty foods, etc. Since raclette cheese must fit into a personal-sized pan, it must be cut to the right shape, and they are happy to do that for you, which is great since I don’t think I would be able to do it at home nearly as well.



Memorial Park Signage

IMG_0636It is no stretch to say that Memorial Park on Indian Hill Blvd. is Claremont’s primary park. Because of its central location, it hosts many community events. Our memories run deep with the 4th of July and Parade, the wading pool for young children, the Concerts in the Park, softball games, and just hanging out.

As many times as I have walked by and through the park, I have rarely stopped to notice, look at and read the various memorial signs that seem to be plentiful. One thing keeping a blog will do for you is to keep your mind open to see new things in old places.


In 1946 Memorial Park was purchased as the first Claremont park and was named as a tribute to the veterans of WWI and WWII. The flagpole has two signs listing the Claremont vets.

Here is a sign for the Freedom Tree in front of the Garner House.


The Bandshell sign could do with some sprucing up.


This sign was purchased with pennies donated by school children in 1962.


I don’t know who Dennis Rogers was, but this plaque serves as a remembrance of his life.


Not least, here is a plaque that commemorates the T. Willard Hunter Speaker’s Corner. Willard Hunter was a colorful person, who went to the same college as I did. We would chat and he would say that we went to school “just a few years apart” from each other. The above link to his obituary gives a slice of the treasure he was to our community.