June Photo Round-Up

Heads-up Dear Readers. Claremontography is diving into summer mode. Posts for July and August will be twice a week instead of three – Mondays and Thursdays.

And now a look back at June.

For my  birthday we went to hear the Pacific Symphony in Costa Mesa. Andre Watts played Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto. We also heard Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique.

There was an election you might have heard about.


We had an overabundance of plums which fell every minute, creating some plum splat. The apricots also had a good year, and we had to rescue them from the #$%^$# squirrels.

And there was this wedding in Mill Valley…. Cousins of the bride were enjoying a song at dinner.

More signs. A list of recommended listening from Fiddle Camp on the white board, and the final sign.






Alasdair Fraser’s Sierra Fiddle Camp

IMG_2951As if a week of music at the Suzuki Institute was not enough, Lynn and I headed to Gold Country in the Sierra foothills just north of Sacramento last week for our second year of Fiddle Camp. We last attended two years ago (read about it here) and couldn’t wait to go back for more music (MUSIC!), seeing old friends, making new ones, and dancing into the night and becoming sleep-deprived.


Our three main teachers: Hanneke Cassel, Alasdair Fraser, and Norwegian Olav Mjelva


Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

Talent Show, Pool Party and Teen Night Cosmic Circus Party (fun costumes)

And this is how I feel…..



IMG_2867The strawberry patch on Baseline and Towne gave way a few years ago to low-income housing, but one can still buy strawberries, and other produce, from the same Vargas Farms. A few months ago I spotted a little red stand at the corner of Indian Hill and Arrow Highway. The locally famous strawberries are still around and worth photographing. But they are even better to eat!




47 Things – Summer: Part Two

The last post listed six free things to enjoy in Claremont’s summer. Here are some fun things that are not so free, but equally fun.

  • 7. Enjoy a summer flick at the Laemmle from Box Office Hits to Independent Films.
  • 8. Take in a live performance of some Shakespeare presented by Ophelia’s Jump at the Sontag Greek Theater at Pomona College. This summer the plays are Othello and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.08.04 PM

Photo courtesy of ieshineon

  • 10. Kick back with a Pint (or more) at Claremont Craft Ales, or take home a growler of your favorite brew.



  • 12. Keep cool with some handcrafted ice cream from à la minute made with liquid nitrogen.


47 Things – Summer: Part One

Pomona College’s website advises students of 47 Things to Do Before Leaving Pomona.* The vast majority of those activities take place outside the city boundaries, so here is Claremontography’s list of 47 Things To Do in Claremont. Because life here is so lovely year-round, this list will divide the 47 among four seasons – the first six of twelve suggestions for summer is here. Wednesday’s post will conclude Summer Things To Do. Stay tuned for Fall, Winter and Spring lists at the appropriate season.

*(If you do not know the mythology of the number 47 for Pomona College – enlighten yourself here.)

Six free things to enjoy in the summer:

  • 1. Splash in the Laemmle Plaza Fountain
  • 2. Stroll downtown Claremont on a Friday night for the free music of Friday Nights Live.
  • 3. Enjoy the shade of the big trees at a local park. Bring a picnic, if you’d like.
  • 4. Celebrate the 4th of July! Run the 5K, eat a pancake breakfast served up by the Rotary in the Park, enjoy the booths, watch the parade and fireworks. It’s the best day in Claremont, according to my daughters.
  • 5. After July 4, go to Memorial Park for free Monday night concerts.


  • 6. Take advantage of the Library. Kids can sign up for the summer reading program which includes free activities, adults and teens can also take advantage of free programs, and, of course, check out books!

Suzuki Institute Week

School is barely over, but kids from all over California, IMG_2894and even farther away, descended upon Scripps College this week to play music at the Los Angeles Suzuki Institute (LASI). String students and pianists spent time in private lessons, chamber groups, orchestras, and master classes. They attended recitals and concerts. Music teachers also attended classes in learning to teach the Suzuki way.

I was fortunate to be an “enrichment” teacher and have three Orff-Schulwerk classes each day with small groups of students. We sang, played mallet instruments, percussion, created our own music and moved to music. It has been great fun.

Scenes from an Orff classroom (including hauling a ton of stuff).

Kids enjoyed rehearsing outside in the beautiful weather.

Gotta take care of the cellos!

And now it’s time to relax!

June Gloom

It sounds rather sad, but June Gloom is one of my favorite seasons in Claremont. The mornings start out overcast and very cool, but by noon, the clouds have burned off and the sun shines brightly. We are enjoying it this week because they are promising us temps above 100 by the weekend.


June gloom as seen from the airplane on Saturday