April Instagram Challenge

For the first time, this month I took the Instagram Photo a Day Challenge provided by Fat Mum Slim website. Each day I took a photo using the prompt for that day. Here are some of my favorites from this month with the one-word prompt.


2016-04-04_1459799596 copy


2016-04-12_1460420541 copy


2016-04-14_1460674629 copy


2016-04-15_1460763204 copy


2016-04-18_1460996639 copy


2016-04-20_1461170830 copy



Cut. The palm fronds are cut off to keep the rats at bay. Or maybe just to keep it clean.



Rubel Castle in Glendora

IMG_2405The Rubel Castle, Rubelia Farms, The Bottle House, The Tin Palace, all names for the 1.7-acre property built with pieces and parts. Junk? To some, but certainly treasures for the builder, Michael Rubel. Over 26 years he and a host of volunteers built the castle using an eclectic mix of items (from bottles to motorcycles) embedded in the walls.


A short jaunt from Claremont in neighboring Glendora, the estate is managed by the Glendora Historical Society and is open for tours on certain days. This past Sunday friends were invited to hear an informal concert of various music groups for an Acoustic Tea, organized by my friend, Rubel’s niece.

The fascinating details of this treasure, go way beyond the scope of this blog, but I can highly recommend watching the Visiting with Huell Howser episode.

Earth Day Claremont Style

Second Street, once more cordoned off for a IMG_2366city festival, hosted Sustainable Claremont‘s Earth Day Fair on Saturday. After temps in the 90s this week, it was a relief to enjoy the 70-degree weather as young and old, dog and wolf wandered the Village. Well, there were supposed to be wolves there, but I didn’t see any.






Music and Art


And a Tesla




Mosaics and The Bard



Claremont commemorates the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death this month with lectures and activities. In conjunction with the Claremont Museum of Art’s ARTstART program, the Library hosted an art workshop inspired by the Millard Sheets Shakespearean mosaics which cover the entrance to Garrison Theater.



Getting inspired

Works in progress






Library Card

Back in the day, about thirty years ago or so, when you checked out a book at the Claremont Library (a branch of the Los Angeles County Library system), they looked up your name on their rolodex. You wrote your name on the card in the book pocket, they stamped the due date in the book and on the card, and maybe you made it home before you started reading your book. Maybe you didn’t.

Then, at some computerized point, you were issued a plastic card. The first ones were black, like these. Now I think they are green. This one has seen quite a bit of use. But I miss seeing who had checked out the book before you.