September Photo Roundup

Although it is supposed to be fall in September, we typically have summer temps through the month and into October.

Trader Joe’s lets us know it’s pumpkin time, no matter the weather.


A drumming workshop with Jim Solomon gave teachers some creative juice for music classrooms. So. Much. Fun.


A chem lab at HMC features a salt water aquarium. Students analyze the various chemical cycles of the tank.


This house on Harvard got a new sculpture.


The new Roberts Pavilion at CMC opened. If you are not CMC faculty, or a CMS student, you may wander the building, but are not allowed to use the facilities. Yet.



Some days the weather is nice enough for college classes to be held outside.


After 67 years with the Dodgers, Vin Scully has called his last game. We will miss the Voice of the Dodgers more than he knows.


We share our town with wildlife, and occasionally one sees a coyote running down the street.



Authors of Claremont Past

Claremont has had its share of famous authors, too.

When we moved to this town years ago, we heard the rumor that L Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz, lived in this house on N. College Ave.


Turns out that this house was built after Baum died, but his son and family did live here, so it sort of has a Baum mystique. It is currently owned by the University of LaVerne and serves as the president’s house. I have never been inside, but have taken this youtube tour of the house. (I had to mute the “music” of the video, but I did enjoy being an armchair lookie-loo).

Fans of the Betsy-Tacy books might know that Maud Hart Lovelace lived in Claremont in her retirement years.  The Betsy-Tacy Society’s Southern California Chapter installed this bench at the Claremont Library in 2000.

Lovelace lived on 8th Street in this house before she retired to San Antonio Gardens. She is buried in her hometown of Mankato, Minnesota.


David Foster Wallace might be Claremont’s most famous author, or one of the top few. I do not have a photo of his house, but this webpage shows the interiors of his mid-century modern home.



Celebrating Local Authors

img_4046Recently the display case at the Public Library has showcased books in the Claremont Authors Collection. One is not surprised that this college town has a high rate of literacy, not just as readers, but as writers, too. Books by local authors include fiction, biography, memoir, art history, children’s literature, local history, and environmental policy, among others.

For the first time, on Saturday, the Friends of the Claremont Library, under the direction of Rose Ash, brought a number of these authors together for the Claremont Authors Book Fair. Many came through the room, stopping to talk to authors, greet friends, and add books to their “must read” list.

The display case exhibits books of authors still with us, and some who are not.

This year’s Claremont on the Same Page book choice is Funny in Farsi with events scheduled from the end of October through March. More information will be forthcoming.


Next year I’m sure this event will feature other authors who were not here this year. Claremont has a rich literary well from which to draw.


Cloudy and Humid

It’s hard to tell by looking at Claremont with all of the trees, but we live in a desert. Our normally dry air has been moist this week, probably effects of Hurricane Paine off of Mexico’s coast. Photos can only display the various cloud formations, but not the humidity hanging in the air.

Morning at CMC


Mason Hall at Pomona College


Simple Gifts in Shelton Park


While the skies above Honnold Library are clear, you can see clouds reflected in the windows.


47 Things – Fall: Part Two

Happy last day of Summer. Welcome in the Fall!

  • 20. A favorite activity of many is the Arts and Crafts Fair called Village Venture. This year it is on Saturday, October 22.
  • 21. Claremont Heritage Home Tour will be on Sunday, October 9. This year the tour is in the Via Zurita neighborhood near the high school and will feature the home of Art Clokey, the creator of Gumby. Who knew?


  • 22. It’s that creepy time of year, so why not take the Village Ghost Walk on October 1st or 2nd?


  • 23. Get a jump on your New Year’s resolution to get in shape and run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.


  • 24. While this seems like it should fall under the Winter category, the beginning of December is still officially fall, so head on down to the Holiday Promenade and Tree Lighting at the Claremont Train Depot on Dec. 3.

47 Things – Fall: Part One

Continuing in the series of 47 Things to Do In Claremont, here are some recommendations for Fall which officially starts on the 22nd this month.

  • 13. Meander the Village on the first Saturday of the month for the Art Walk.


  • 14. Head over to the Folk Music Center on the last Sunday of the month at 6:00 for Open Mic Night. Talent ranges greatly, you are sure to be entertained. If you are extremely lucky, Ben Harper might sing a song.



  • 16. Even if you don’t like high school football, you might enjoy the CHS Homecoming Parade on October 14. Festivities start in Memorial Park about 3:00 where the Homecoming King is crowned.



  • 18. With the Colleges back in session, choose a concert or two, most of them free.

Pomona College music calendar


Scripps College music calendar