College Fountains: Scripps

With the weather heating up and not giving us June Gloom for a while, it’s time to think about staying cool and maybe dipping feet into fountains.

Most of Scripps Colleges fountains don’t have water in them right now.

This one in the Margaret Fowler Garden does have water flowing.

Scripps Fowler Fountain

The most iconic fountain at Scripps is in Seal Court where you will also find the popular Motley Coffee Shop (closed for the summer) and the Scripps Challah for Hunger (also closed until the fall).


You might not want to actually put your feet in here, but with all the surrounding greenery, it’s a cool place to escape the heat as well as the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Historic photos of the fountain can be seen here.


College Fountains: Harvey Mudd

When our girls were young, we used to take a Fountain Tour of the colleges. We would ride our bikes through the five undergrad campuses and try to ride by every single fountain.

Harvey Mudd College has three fountains, all of which have water running right now. The main and biggest fountain is the Venus Fountain in Hixon Court. The Venus in the middle is from Italy and was made by Giovanni Bologna in the Renaissance. Years ago it was referred to as the ratio fountain because there was a ratio of four men per woman on campus. Times have changed, and it is much closer to 50:50.

For archival photos of the installation of this fountain, click here.



This fountain is more of a contemplative water piece and is tucked away on northwest end of campus. There are benches for quiet reflection.


The third fountain is in front of the Linde Activities Center (the LAC).



May 2017 Photo Round-Up

During Finals we had the German and Chinese Language Residents and some German-speaking students over for a little cultural exchange. We made s’mores (definitely an American treat) and the German Language Resident made Spaghetti Ice which looks like spaghetti, but is really whipped cream with ice cream through a press that makes it look like pasta, topped with pureed strawberries and coconut flakes. Yummy.

We replaced our dying tangerine tree with a dwarf avocado. We choose a large size as we don’t want to wait 20 years to make homemade guacamole.

The store at the botanical gardens is closing for the season, so we had to go one last time before fall. And then we had to go check out the current exhibit in the one-room gallery.

The duck on the pillar at Harvey Mudd College is gone. I hope it’s because the pole has just been painted, and the duck might reappear.

Memorial Day was a perfect day to try out our new car bike-rack and take a ride around the Back Bay in Newport Beach.

Bring on June Gloom!


April 2017 Photo Round Up

April went by very quickly. Here are some photos to remember her by.

The wall at Walker Beach at Pomona College expressed its LGBTQ pride.


Signs ala Berma Shave encouraged students to vote for their favorite professor.

It doesn’t take long, to show you care, about that Professor, who’s always there.

Easter came on a beautiful Sunday


Claremont hosted its annual Earth Day Fair on the hottest day of the month with temps in the 90s.


First grade students practiced writing their quarter and eighth notes.


The college softball season was in full swing….


And to round off National Poetry Month, here is a favorite one of mine. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.00.05 AM

47 Things: Spring – Part Two

With this post, Claremontography concludes the 47 Things to do in Claremont. To look back on the entire list, click here.

43. April is National Poetry Month, so it’s a perfect time to go to a poetry reading sponsored by the Friends of the Claremont Library. Or stop by the post at the Folk Music Center to read local words.

44. Take the family to Claremont’s Spring Celebration, this year on April 15 in Memorial Park. The Egg Hunt starts at 10:30, and if you come 5 minutes late, the eggs will be gone. Be forewarned.


45. Celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 22 in the Claremont Village.


46. Take in a speaker at commencement. The Claremont Colleges hold their graduation ceremonies on May 13 and 14 this year. While the speakers have not yet been announced, there are usually some great offerings.


47. Treat yourself as often as possible to locally-grown strawberries.


And there you have it. 47 suggestions of things to do IN Claremont throughout the year. In case you are wondering why the Folk Music Festival did not make my list, it’s because there will be no festival in 2017. The Facebook page says they will return to the Sontag Theater at Pomona in May 2018.

February 2017 Photo Round-Up

Between the storms and sunshine break-outs, we had one foggy morning.


A preschool class took a field trip to the post office to mail Valentines.


Walker Wall at Pomona College had firm expressions about recent political happenings.

This car found Nemo.


The Claremont USD Elementary Instrumental Music Program had a record number of string students – around 170 – in the Winter Concert.

A beautiful sunset seen over the Carnegie Building at Pomona College.