April 2018 Photo Round-Up

Maybe April is the Cruelest Month because it goes way too fast.

It started with Easter on April Fool’s Day.

Easter CUCC

Guerilla art by Alexandra Bell appeared at the Pomona College Art Museum and Honnold Library.

The annual International Festival at CMC and Alumni Days at the colleges rolled around on schedule.

Progress is evident at the new Pomona College Art Museum.

Stop signs are ineffective against nature.



Save Our Station

Claremont Metroklink Meeting

The room after 1 ½ hours when some people had left

When word got out that a study was being done about closing the Claremont Metrolink station, Claremonters showed up in force at the informational meeting on Monday night at the Hughes Community Center. 300 people filled the room to overflowing, and citizens, young and old, spilled out the doors into chairs that were set up outside with speakers set up to hear the discussion.

People were visibly and audibly concerned about the many issues of reducing public transportation options, and with many questions raised, there were a number of answers claiming, “we don’t know.”

Claremont in action. We expect nothing less. Read more at David Allen’s column in the Daily Bulletin.


Kindred Natures: Casanova and Fuller

The Claremont Museum of Art is celebrating one Claremont Depotyear in it’s new home at the Claremont Depot. At last Friday’s Art Walk the museum opened a new show – Kindred Natures: Aldo Casanova and James Fuller. The show runs through March 25.

Both Casanova and Fuller taught art at Scripps College, and the show features sculptures and watercolors of nature. Claremontography has enjoyed all the exhibits this past year, but this one stands out as a favorite.




Claremont Art Museum



October 2017 Photo Round-Up

We’re still waiting for fall weather, after what seems like an unseasonably warm October. That didn’t stop traditional autumnal activities.

There was homecoming at CHS.

A morning at Cal State Northridge with clear blue skies showed off the matador mascot. The car got a washing which offered an artistic moment through the windshield, and fall break at the colleges had lights on in the library for two students catching up.

There was the usual decorating of homes for Halloween.

And, a very warm Village Venture.

Rose Valley Falls

IMG_7241This is fall break at the Claremont Colleges, the weekend chosen to inaugurate Pomona College’s 10th president, Gabrielle Starr. I don’t have a post about the event, as we choose the weekend to get away. I’m sure it was one for the books.

You can read about it at my friend’s blog here.



Instead, we spent the day in and near Ojai, with a short hike (a stroll, really) in the Los Padres National Forest. Perusing a number of choices for hiking, we chose the one with the most shade as California weather has been hot and dry with the Santa Ana winds blowing.

Driving past Ojai, the coastal mountains were clear.


Around a bend we saw the smallest post office in the US. Aside from the closed antiques store next door, I didn’t see anything that might be called Wheeler Springs. We didn’t investigate, but I’m sure there’s civilization somewhere nearby.


The Rose Valley Falls Trailhead starts in a campground and traverses over a few small streams and through some shaded areas, enjoying what passes for fall colors in Southern California.


The falls were not large, but offered a cool spot on a hot day. I would certainly recommend it for families.