Sanctuary Coffee

IMG_6007There’s a new coffee shop in town, so that means it needed to be checked out, of course. The Courier had a nice write-up about Sanctuary Coffee on Foothill across from Stater Bros. This non-profit venture donates all of its earnings to charity, including Inland Valley Hope Partners.

I had never been in the building before, when it was a clothing consignment shop, so I have no before photos, but the space inside is so welcoming, that you will probably enjoy these after photos.

Nice places to sit – inside and out.

Art on the walls.

The coffee was pretty good, too!


Pacific Electric Trail

IMG_3792A cool day before school started served as a great opportunity to grab our bikes and head to the Pacific Electric Trail. This former electric train path starts at the edge of Claremont and the San Bernardino County Line, but you have to know where it is, because nothing jumps out and says “NICE LONG, FLAT BIKE TRAIL STARTS HERE.”

The beginning of the trail serves as the least scenic portion of the ride, but once you pass through Montclair and get into Upland, the views improve. Every so often you have to cross a major north-south street, but there are lights and designated places to cross.


I have a pretty fun biking companion….

The path is mostly paved, mostly flat, and as long as you are headed east, the breeze is at your back. Many people use this trail for walking, biking, and running, and once into Cucamonga, there is some evidence that horseback riders use the trail, too. No, we didn’t see evidence along the ground, but we did see places for riders to press the buttons for the lights. (Horseback riders or tall bike riders….)


Figuring out that one of our favorite coffee places – Coffee Klatch – is close to the trail, we took a little detour for some drinks. I chose a Creme Brûlée Latte.



We had ridden this trail once before, making it past this bridge before turning around. I had not enjoyed riding back against the headwind, so this time we rode farther east, to Millikan Ave. in Cucamonga, close to Interstate 15, left the trail to coast downhill for a few miles to the Metrolink Station. Unlike in Switzerland, we did not have to pay extra to take our bikes on the train. However, just three stops is still a little pricey at $5.75 per person.


It’s helpful to know ahead of time, if possible, where the bike car will be on the train. Our guesstimate was way off, so we had to run with our bikes to the front of the train, but we made it. 15 minutes after we boarded, we arrived back in Claremont, ready to ride home, uphill.