Outdoors and Indoors in Austin

The weather was cold and cloudy during our visit to Texas, which limited our outdoor excursions some. The river that runs through town is called the Colorado, but is unrelated to the river that shaped the Grand Canyon and creates the Arizona/California border.

The river is dammed, creating Lady Bird Lake and also flows by Zilker Park, both of which have great trails for running, biking, dog-walking and photography.

On Thursdays the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas is free to all. On cold Thursdays, it’s a great place to hang out.

The LBJ Presidential Library is next to UT Austin.


Keeping Austin Weird

Claremontography is now home from a holiday vacation in Austin and San Antonio, TX. Research about what to do and see in Austin kept leading to all kinds of street art, and the city did not disappoint.

Greetings from Austin

This street art was not on any wall. Every time we walked by him, this street poet was busy creating.

Even though it was not the season to watch the bats from under the bridge, the street at on the bridge was easily visible.

The mother of all street art is the Hope Outdoor Gallery. People bring their own spray paint and keep adding to the walls.

hope outdoor gallery

Hope Gallery Austin



December 2017 Photo Round-Up

Here’s wishing Claremontography readers a good slide into the New Year!

As usual, there were preparations for Christmas throughout Claremont with parties, baking and decorations.


In lieu of a traditional tree, here is a festive succulent tree.

Succulent Christmas Tree

The semester wound down at the colleges with a CCO concert, the start of the new Pomona College Art Museum, and bike shenanigans (although it is not clear how this bike has been here at CMC).


Johnson’s Pasture

Johnson's Pasture panorama

The Claremont Wilderness Trail is the most popular hike in the Wilderness Park. Sycamore Canyon is less-traveled, as is Johnson’s Pasture. You don’t need a permit to park near either of those trailheads. We had not been to Johnson’s Pasture since 1994. At that time we took our young daughters and asked them to point to our house. This was their response.

JohnsonPasture copy

Christmas Eve was a great day to revisit this trail.

We saw this trail of hearts on a little spur.

Johnson's Pasture hearts

And this Christmas tree.

Johnson's Pasture Christmas