May Photo Round-Up

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, wherever you may be. Here are some shots from the past month.

Despite the Jacarandas’ early bloom, the month seemed cooler and cloudier than past Mays.


I attended my first Kentucky Derby party where I had my first mint julep, drew the winning horse and had Burgoo Stew.

The colleges ended another year, so we enjoyed a last lunch at Oldenborg for the year. Bis nächtstes Jahr, Oldenborg.


Mother’s Day brought pedicures.


Public Schools are winding down, preparing for end-of-the-year projects, concerts, etc.

Bring on summer!



Vista 42nd Annual Track Meet

IMG_3154Traditionally, the Vista del Valle Track Meet happens just before spring break in April, but this year the CUSD Invitational for teams from all seven elementary schools enjoyed the warm, sunny weather just before Memorial Day weekend. Students are certainly ready for the end of school in two weeks, so this is a good time to get outside and do something different.


Leading the teams into the field are three big cheeses of this event. On the left is the current Vista principal, Brad Cuff, in the middle and MC of the event is former long-time Vista principal, Ley Yeager, and on the right is the instigator and founder of the track meet which bears his name, former long-time principal, Duane Jackman.


The triumphal entry of the teams with the cheering crowds lining the path.

Events include 60-yard run, 100-yard run, 300-yard run, a bunch of relays, standing long jump, running long jump and softball throw. 4th, 5th and 6th graders compete against those in their grade level.