Bookstores in Ventura County

During our weekend getaway we visited two bookstores, because, well, that’s how we do vacation. In Ventura we spent some time in The Calico Cat Bookshop and ended up buying a book of Gustav Klimt’s artwork.

Even though we didn’t buy any books at Bart’s Books in Ojai, we loved the ambiance. It’s an outdoor bookstore, like an open air market.


I’m sure there’s a plan about how to protect the books from rain, but it wasn’t obvious to the casual book browser.





Maybe I should have bought this book….



Rose Valley Falls

IMG_7241This is fall break at the Claremont Colleges, the weekend chosen to inaugurate Pomona College’s 10th president, Gabrielle Starr. I don’t have a post about the event, as we choose the weekend to get away. I’m sure it was one for the books.

You can read about it at my friend’s blog here.



Instead, we spent the day in and near Ojai, with a short hike (a stroll, really) in the Los Padres National Forest. Perusing a number of choices for hiking, we chose the one with the most shade as California weather has been hot and dry with the Santa Ana winds blowing.

Driving past Ojai, the coastal mountains were clear.


Around a bend we saw the smallest post office in the US. Aside from the closed antiques store next door, I didn’t see anything that might be called Wheeler Springs. We didn’t investigate, but I’m sure there’s civilization somewhere nearby.


The Rose Valley Falls Trailhead starts in a campground and traverses over a few small streams and through some shaded areas, enjoying what passes for fall colors in Southern California.


The falls were not large, but offered a cool spot on a hot day. I would certainly recommend it for families.



Cliff May Houses

IMG_7235Sunday’s Claremont Heritage Home Tour featured homes in the Towne Ranch Estates. Our suburban city, like so many in California, features many ranch style homes which came to prominence in the 50s.

Alan Hess gave a talk at the Garner House on Sunday about the history of the ranch house. He mentioned the architect Cliff May who designed a few houses on Butte Street.

I took a walk along Butte to see if I could figure out which ones were May houses, and these are the three I found. I like that all of them have native drought-tolerant landscaping.


Biking Town

I’m almost done reading this fun book about the history of bikes in Amsterdam and one American’s integration into Dutch bike culture.

In the City of Bikes

It made me think about our times in Holland. (Obviously.)

There is no way that Claremont comes close to having a love affair with bikes the way the Dutch do, but I usually see bikes every day. The college students use them frequently.

There are some dedicated bikeways, but even a street like Foothill is wide enough for bikes and cars. (That doesn’t mean that drivers are especially kind to bikers, though.)

Once I saw this group of riders having a fun Sunday ride through the Village.

In 2011 the Amgen Tour of California came through town. That was exciting!

Claremont AmgenAmgen Claremont

But usually we don’t have need for signs such as these which we saw all over Holland.

Geen Fietsen

Don’t you dare put your bike here!

September 2017 Photo Round-Up

Walker Wall at Pomona College started out completely whitewashed, ready for new news. I don’t think that Banksy really Wuz Here, though.

Art at the Last Drop Cafe

Last Drop Cafe

Another Little Free Library popped up on 10th Street.

Claremont Little Free Library

Claremont UCC celebrated 23 years of becoming an Open and Affirming Congregation.

Claremont UCC

Rocco the Raccoon at Trader Joe’s is already showing of his Halloween Costume.

Rocco Raccoon

We’ve had lots of construction on the streets lately.


And a cloud photo, just because.

Claremont Depot