Liquid: HMC Venus Fountain

Despite California’s ongoing drought, Claremont fountains still use water (hopefully recycled) for our enjoyment.

These koi and lily pads enjoy the water in the Harvey Mudd College Venus Fountain in Hixon Court.

Harvey Mudd College

via Photo Challenge: Liquid



King Tut Exhibit at the California Science Center

California Science Center

In celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, the California Science Center at USC is presenting King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh until January 2019. This particular exhibit is the world debut of these 150 treasures (some of which have never before left Egypt), and after this world tour, all artifacts related to King Tut will reside permanently in their new home in Egypt.

Fortunately, the exhibit allows photos without flash.

At the end, the obligatory gift shop, because everyone needs a King Tut mug.

King Tut Gift Shop


April 2018 Photo Round-Up

Maybe April is the Cruelest Month because it goes way too fast.

It started with Easter on April Fool’s Day.

Easter CUCC

Guerilla art by Alexandra Bell appeared at the Pomona College Art Museum and Honnold Library.

The annual International Festival at CMC and Alumni Days at the colleges rolled around on schedule.

Progress is evident at the new Pomona College Art Museum.

Stop signs are ineffective against nature.


Where the Sidewalk Ends, Bends

The Fitbit requires lots of daily walks – daily walks along the same paths. The Fitbit may not require looking down, but after awhile one notices lots of things about sidewalks.

This sidewalk that stops in the middle of the schoolyard reminds one of Shel Silverstein’s poem Where the Sidewalk Ends (read it here).

Vista Elementary School

Who will write the poem about Where the Sidewalk Bends?

College Ave curved sidewalk

College Ave.

Sycamore School curved sidewalk

Sycamore Elementary School

Or, even Where the Sidewalk Buckles


March 2017 Photo Round-Up

March came in like a lion, providing an almost-March-miracle with some rain, but it seems to be going out like the proverbial lamb.

Claremont Lilacs

Art at the Last Drop Cafe


First graders creating music with non-traditional notation


Even if one building exploded, the new Pomona College Museum of Art continues to grow.

Pomona College Museum of Art

Once it read Sherwood Flor…t, but now it is just S…st.

Sherwood Florist Claremont

Bert and Rocky’s going strong – 20 Years In Claremont!

Bert and Rockys