Post Office Landscaping Update

The landscaping in front of the Claremont Post Office is starting to grow in.

Claremont Post Office 91711

See before pictures here.


Liquid: HMC Venus Fountain

Despite California’s ongoing drought, Claremont fountains still use water (hopefully recycled) for our enjoyment.

These koi and lily pads enjoy the water in the Harvey Mudd College Venus Fountain in Hixon Court.

Harvey Mudd College

via Photo Challenge: Liquid


Then and Now

In the past week a few old photos of Claremont locations have appeared on the Facebook Group “You know you’re from Claremont if you….”¬†Claremontography presents here a current photo of each building alongside its former self.

Trinkets and Treasures then, Jasmine now. 271 W 2nd St.

Village Theater then, Harvard Square now. 206 W. Bonita

Bentley’s Grocery Store then, Rhino Records now. 235 Yale Ave.

Bud’s Bike Shop then, Jax Bicycle Center now. 217 W. 1st St.

Claremont Children – Art and Books

The annual ARTstART exhibition at the Ginger Elliot Exhibition Hall in Memorial Park came and went last weekend. As usual, the room was filled with children’s creations.

Ginger Elliot gallery

The 7th Annual Children’s Book Festival hosted by the Friends of the Claremont Library was in Taylor Hall this year due to the renovation of the library. The theme was Oh The Places You’ll Go, and many children and families took advantage of the activities.

The best part was that each child got to take home a free book.

Free Books


April 2018 Photo Round-Up

Maybe April is the Cruelest Month because it goes way too fast.

It started with Easter on April Fool’s Day.

Easter CUCC

Guerilla art by Alexandra Bell appeared at the Pomona College Art Museum and Honnold Library.

The annual International Festival at CMC and Alumni Days at the colleges rolled around on schedule.

Progress is evident at the new Pomona College Art Museum.

Stop signs are ineffective against nature.