February 2017 Photo Round-Up

Between the storms and sunshine break-outs, we had one foggy morning.


A preschool class took a field trip to the post office to mail Valentines.


Walker Wall at Pomona College had firm expressions about recent political happenings.

This car found Nemo.


The Claremont USD Elementary Instrumental Music Program had a record number of string students – around 170 – in the Winter Concert.

A beautiful sunset seen over the Carnegie Building at Pomona College.



Distinctive Car on College


I’m sure this car has a story. I just don’t know what it is. One can often see it parked on College Ave. near Bridges or the art museum. There is always a boot on it, and there is also a club on the steering wheel. It will probably not get stolen.


The owner seems to also like Hello Kitty, as seen by the license plate as well as a big stuffed Hello Kitty in the passenger seat.


City Council Election

The signs have been up for maybe a month now, so we know that an election is around the corner. On March 7, Claremonters will choose two members for the five-member City Council from a field of eight candidates. You can usually see all signs at the corner of Foothill and Indian Hill – in front of the Old School House as well as Sherwood Florist.

Several groups have hosted forums for candidates to answer questions and introduce themselves. Two of the eight candidates are incumbents. The next candidate forum is at Pitzer College tomorrow night. Here is a photo from a previous forum at the Hughes Center. The room was packed.


I often walk by this house, and this sign stumped me, as I didn’t recognize the name of the candidate, nor does Claremont vote for a mayor. I found out that it is a candidate for mayor in neighboring La Verne.



Donating Blood

img_5207When you want to feel as though you have made the world a better place, made a difference in someone’s life, you might consider giving blood. In Claremont the Red Cross holds a drive on Wednesdays at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. If you get the app on your phone, you can save about 15 minutes of time by answering the questions beforehand.

The people are friendly and explain everything you need to know and answer all questions.



Plus, there are always treats when you are finished….

Oldenborg at 50

Oldenborg, the language dorm at Pomona img_5227College, celebrated its 50th birthday yesterday with an open house. The foreign language residents opened their lounges and served food, had crafts, taught foreign language phrases and idioms and generally had a good time.

Visitors were greeted with live music and a celebratory cake upon entrance. Footsteps guided people through the complex and crazy maze of floors.

Food was popular

as were crafts.

Language is always fun. The card on the left shows my birthday in the Chinese calendar, and also that I was born in the year of the rat. This Spanish idiom is so funny, and we would say something like “things went from bad to worse”. The German lounge had an animal quiz. Can you guess what a wash bear is?

When you visited all the lounges, getting a passport stamp at each, you entered your passport in a drawing.


Contra Dancing at the Colleges

img_5135Attending the contra dance at the Edmunds Ballroom at Pomona College last Friday helped me get closer to doing all 47 things on my 47 Things To Do in Claremont list. If you arrive at 8:00 p.m. don’t expect to start dancing right away. It took about 30 minutes before there were enough people to execute a proper contra dance.

Without going into explanations of this style of folk dancing (this youtube video can get you started), here are some shots of the night’s events.

The live band, Atlantic Crossing, provided the music.


A nice table of snacks rounded out the evening.