Game of Thorns at RSABG

When last Claremontography went looking for glass sculptures of thorns at RSABG, they were not on display. Now they are. You can find them in the Cultivar Garden.

RSABG Game of Thorns


Game of Thorns

Game of Thorns RSABG

Game of Thorns Claremont


The Alamo and More

One cannot go to San Antonio and not go to the Alamo. In fact, it’s the most visited tourist site in the state of Texas.

If the Alamo is old, then the Pearl is new (although it’s built at the site of an old brewery). Fortunately we were there on a Saturday and could enjoy the extensive Farmer’s Market.

The weather had warmed up enough on Saturday that we didn’t mind standing outside in front of the San Fernando Cathedral to watch a spectacular 24-minute light show at night. It’s hard to describe it, but you can check out this youtube video to get an idea.

Our AirBnB was close to the Hays Street Bridge which we used to get into town.

Hays Street Bridge

It’s from this bridge that you can get this view of the downtown skyline.

San Antonio Skyline

Kindred Natures: Casanova and Fuller

The Claremont Museum of Art is celebrating one Claremont Depotyear in it’s new home at the Claremont Depot. At last Friday’s Art Walk the museum opened a new show – Kindred Natures: Aldo Casanova and James Fuller.┬áThe show runs through March 25.

Both Casanova and Fuller taught art at Scripps College, and the show features sculptures and watercolors of nature. Claremontography has enjoyed all the exhibits this past year, but this one stands out as a favorite.




Claremont Art Museum



Wheeler Park Mural

I wish I could have been at the dedication of the new mural at Wheeler Park. At least I could see these photos of the ceremony, and I can go over and look at it when I want to.

Timothy Robert Smith

Painted by Timothy Robert Smith with help from Vista del Valle and ArtStart Students, the mural portrays kids at play in a cardboard boat and being attacked by a Kraken.

Mural Wheeler Park Claremont

Mural in progress


Mural Wheeler Park

Finished mural

Wheeler Park

ReForm Arts Festival

IMG_7222 copyThe new Arts Guild at Claremont UCC hosted their first event on Saturday. In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the Arts Festival theme of ReForm showcased local visual art as well as performing arts.





Martin Luther himself (and looking pretty good for being over 500 years old) showed up and marveled at all the changes in the church since his time.

Visual art ran the gamut from paintings, to sculpture and pottery, a mobile, and fabric arts.

Performances ranged from organ music to dance to a short story reading, piano improvisation and poetry reading (accompanied by recorder).