Hannover: The Red Thread and Then Some

Hannover Rathaus MaschteichHannover (Hanover in English) Germany is not much of a tourist destination. When telling a German friend we were headed there, she wondered why forever for would you ever go There? Well, you go there because other friends who go there every summer have plenty to recommend it, the Budget Traveler had a lot of good things to say, and the city sits in prime territory for some great day trips. Plus, Hannover is supposed to be the place where the purest High German is spoken (and the AirBnBs are pretty cheap).

The first thing to do is get an English copy of The Red Thread, a little guidebook to accompany your walk through the highlights of the old city while following a red stripe on the ground.

Hannover Red Thread

In no particular order, here are some of the highlights of the tour. These three statues are some of Niki de Saint Phalle’s Nanas. We first learned about this artist by her angel in the Z├╝rich Hauptbahnhof, and we have been a fan of hers ever since. These three Nanas are named (l to r): Sophie, Charlotte and Caroline.

This archer points straight to the Rathaus (city hall), and it’s worth a stop inside, even if you don’t go up to the top. The main foyer has four models of Hannover through the ages, from the Middle Ages, Before WWII, after the bombing and present-day Hannover.

Hannover Rathaus

Click on each individual picture for a larger view. The bombed Hannover on the right is especially thought-provoking.

The Aegidienkirche was a medieval church, bombed during the war, and left standing as a memorial.

The Leibniz House stands in a lovely neighborhood of half-timbered houses, not really seen anywhere else in the city. Leibniz was a German philosopher and mathematician, and though his residence was bombed in the war, it was rebuilt and now serves to house visiting professors.

We always look for the Markthalle in a town – a collection of international food booths with reasonable prices, and Hannover’s did not disappoint. Here in the Belly of the City we enjoyed a heaping plate of curry over rice for 4 euros that kept us going for the rest of the day.

Hannover Markthalle

Like many European cities, Hannover has a lot of public sculptures, and here are some.

Also like most European cities, many modern buildings punctuate the skylines. We thought this building quite interesting.

Hannover modern building

We didn’t let the rainy days deter us from enjoying our stay in Hannover.

Hannover rain umbrellas