Little Bridges Organ Loft

IMG_6101Bridges Hall of Music (aka Little Bridges) on the Pomona College Campus draws audiences for concerts throughout the academic year. The beautiful venue also hosts weddings. Last month while playing for a wedding, I got to view the hall from the organ loft, a perspective not everybody gets to see.

Many times have I sat in the balcony, admiring the ceiling, and now I enjoyed this particular view of the intricate woodwork above.



The Hill Memorial Organ was dedicated in 2002, many years after the opening of the hall in 1915.

As long as I was walking around upstairs, I enjoyed the views out of the second-story windows.

June 2017 Photo Round-Up

For some reason, I don’t feel as though summer Claremont City Hallis really here until July. June must fill itself up with things I put off from the school year. Then there are June events to fill up the calendar.

Some of the events included the Annual Vista Track Meet, a talk by Luis Fuerte (the cameraman of the PBS show California’s Gold), a Levitt on the Lawn concert at Scripps College (the Dustbowl Revival), and my sister’s graduation from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena.


A volunteer squash plant sprouted in my yard, and we had a bumper year for apricots which we had to rescue from the squirrels. Plums were good this year, too. A dead city tree was removed, and early June was a great time to hike the Wilderness Park Trail before it got too hot.

The wading pool at Memorial Park was open once again after years of drought. The bottom of the pool has new sea creatures painted on it.

A day trip to Pasadena led to the discovery of a few Little Free Libraries.

The Vintage Flip people are working on two buildings along 4th St. between Harvard and Yale.

Pomona College was busy with weddings and National Cello Institute.



April 2017 Photo Round Up

April went by very quickly. Here are some photos to remember her by.

The wall at Walker Beach at Pomona College expressed its LGBTQ pride.


Signs ala Berma Shave encouraged students to vote for their favorite professor.

It doesn’t take long, to show you care, about that Professor, who’s always there.

Easter came on a beautiful Sunday


Claremont hosted its annual Earth Day Fair on the hottest day of the month with temps in the 90s.


First grade students practiced writing their quarter and eighth notes.


The college softball season was in full swing….


And to round off National Poetry Month, here is a favorite one of mine. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.00.05 AM

March 2017 Photo Round-Up

As usual, music filled the air in March. The Claremont Concert Orchestra performed Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite and Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concerto. The annual Bach in the Subways allowed for the audience to get up real close and personal.

New stop signs on Harvard Ave. at Harrison show that Claremont thinks of “Safety First”.

The annual Silent Auction at the Folk Music Center ends today. Hurry on down!

With the end of the drought in most of California, everything seems to be in bloom, including allergies. I haven’t heard much complaining, though.

5th Annual Pie Festival

Last year I caught the tail-end of the Pie Festival, so I didn’t get many good photos. This year I went early and found more things to snap with my camera. I missed the pie-eating contest and other things, but I found enough to keep me occupied for a few hours.

Of course, there were many places to buy pie – in all sizes and flavors.


Of course I liked the variety of music.

Various demonstrations. I didn’t realize how complicated coffee-making was.


Lots of booths, some even selling things related to baking.

47 Things: Spring – Part One

Spring comes early in Claremont, no matter what the Groundhog says. The official date this year is Monday, March 20, but you might want to put some of these spring suggestions on your calendar now.

37. If you like pie (and who doesn’t?), attend the 3rd Annual Pie Festival on March 18. Fun for the whole family.img_5112

38. Bach in the Subways. I don’t know any details about this annual event where musicians play the music of Bach in public places (no subways in Claremont, but check out the Laemmle Plaza). It’s possible that it might be on March 19.


Poster from last year. Bach will be 332 this year.

39. Sustainable Claremont Garden Tour.


40. Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden Wildflower Show. I can’t find the date for this one, but last year it was in mid-April. Here is my post about the show last year.


41. Take a Claremont Heritage Walking Tour. Every first Saturday of the month.


42. This is a great time of year to revisit the Turrell at Pomona College.