47 Things – Summer: Part Two

The last post listed six free things to enjoy in Claremont’s summer. Here are some fun things that are not so free, but equally fun.

  • 7. Enjoy a summer flick at the Laemmle from Box Office Hits to Independent Films.
  • 8. Take in a live performance of some Shakespeare presented by Ophelia’s Jump at the Sontag Greek Theater at Pomona College. This summer the plays are Othello and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.08.04 PM

Photo courtesy of ieshineon

  • 10. Kick back with a Pint (or more) at Claremont Craft Ales, or take home a growler of your favorite brew.



  • 12. Keep cool with some handcrafted ice cream from à la minute made with liquid nitrogen.


Claremont Village Theater / Harvard Square Café / Bardot

When it was built in the early 1940s, the building Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.39.22 PMat 206 W. Bonita served as Claremont’s movie theater. With one screen, 500-600 people could watch films such as Dr. Zhivago, Dr. Strangelove, The Graduate, Pinocchio and many others. The Facebook page “You know you’re from Claremont if you….” has a nice long discussion of people’s memories of this theater.

In its second life, this building became Harvard Square Café serving French-inspired cuisine. The café had a run of 21 years before it closed in 2013. This photo is from Judy Wright’s book Claremont: A Pictorial History.


Currently, the restaurant Bardot occupies this building, and I finally made it there for dinner this week. Because of our delightful Southern California weather, the inside bar opens to the outdoor seating area, while there are still inside tables in case of rain or excessive heat. I thought that the short ribs were quite delicious, and I will definitely be back for special occasions.