July 2017 Photo Round-Up

July started for us in Iowa. Besides seeing the covered bridges in Madison County, we took in our favorite West End Architectural Salvage in Des Moines.

Winterset, Iowa has a Little Free Library with a sign next to it showing you where to go.

Claremont’s Fourth of July carried on with familiar traditions.

Claremont and Iowa had lots of puffy clouds with some humidity thrown in.

The Claremont Library has expanded hours – hooray!

Claremont Library

We introduced friends to the Kogi BBQ truck in Diamond Bar.


And in the end…

All you need is love


Another Little Free Library

Our fair city’s newspaper, the Claremont Courier, has moved offices and is now on Olive Street. I stopped by to take a photo of the new site.


One block south, I ran into yet another Little Free Library on the corner of Green and Olive.

With summer coming up, there seems to be a plethora of reading material available for free throughout the city.

New Little Free Library – Dickinson

In all this book lover’s reporting on Claremont’s Little Free IMG_5573Libraries, never has there been a Grand Opening of one of these treasures. Until now. The kind owners of this local book exchange live at 406 Springfield (just south of Arrow Hwy) and hosted a neighborhood party to showcase their official Little Free Library (registered at littlefreelibrary.org).

Not only does the official box have a nice selection of reading material, it also has doggie treats and a little guest book to sign, as well as a bench.


The party included a bookmark-making station and a nice spread of goodies, as well as a table full of books for the taking.

You can follow this library on Instagram under Claremontlittlefreelibrary.

Of course, this was the first poem that popped into my mind about books.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 4.57.03 PM


47 Things: Winter – Part Two

Many winter suggestions are indoor activities, even though we live in a mild climate. The first two on this list are outdoor activities.

  • 31. Hike the Wilderness Trail. Winter is a great time to head to the hills when it is not too hot.






Authors of Claremont Past

Claremont has had its share of famous authors, too.

When we moved to this town years ago, we heard the rumor that L Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz, lived in this house on N. College Ave.


Turns out that this house was built after Baum died, but his son and family did live here, so it sort of has a Baum mystique. It is currently owned by the University of LaVerne and serves as the president’s house. I have never been inside, but have taken this youtube tour of the house. (I had to mute the “music” of the video, but I did enjoy being an armchair lookie-loo).

Fans of the Betsy-Tacy books might know that Maud Hart Lovelace lived in Claremont in her retirement years.  The Betsy-Tacy Society’s Southern California Chapter installed this bench at the Claremont Library in 2000.

Lovelace lived on 8th Street in this house before she retired to San Antonio Gardens. She is buried in her hometown of Mankato, Minnesota.


David Foster Wallace might be Claremont’s most famous author, or one of the top few. I do not have a photo of his house, but this webpage shows the interiors of his mid-century modern home.



Celebrating Local Authors

img_4046Recently the display case at the Public Library has showcased books in the Claremont Authors Collection. One is not surprised that this college town has a high rate of literacy, not just as readers, but as writers, too. Books by local authors include fiction, biography, memoir, art history, children’s literature, local history, and environmental policy, among others.

For the first time, on Saturday, the Friends of the Claremont Library, under the direction of Rose Ash, brought a number of these authors together for the Claremont Authors Book Fair. Many came through the room, stopping to talk to authors, greet friends, and add books to their “must read” list.

The display case exhibits books of authors still with us, and some who are not.

This year’s Claremont on the Same Page book choice is Funny in Farsi with events scheduled from the end of October through March. More information will be forthcoming.


Next year I’m sure this event will feature other authors who were not here this year. Claremont has a rich literary well from which to draw.


47 Things – Summer: Part One

Pomona College’s website advises students of 47 Things to Do Before Leaving Pomona.* The vast majority of those activities take place outside the city boundaries, so here is Claremontography’s list of 47 Things To Do in Claremont. Because life here is so lovely year-round, this list will divide the 47 among four seasons – the first six of twelve suggestions for summer is here. Wednesday’s post will conclude Summer Things To Do. Stay tuned for Fall, Winter and Spring lists at the appropriate season.

*(If you do not know the mythology of the number 47 for Pomona College – enlighten yourself here.)

Six free things to enjoy in the summer:

  • 1. Splash in the Laemmle Plaza Fountain
  • 2. Stroll downtown Claremont on a Friday night for the free music of Friday Nights Live.
  • 3. Enjoy the shade of the big trees at a local park. Bring a picnic, if you’d like.
  • 4. Celebrate the 4th of July! Run the 5K, eat a pancake breakfast served up by the Rotary in the Park, enjoy the booths, watch the parade and fireworks. It’s the best day in Claremont, according to my daughters.
  • 5. After July 4, go to Memorial Park for free Monday night concerts.


  • 6. Take advantage of the Library. Kids can sign up for the summer reading program which includes free activities, adults and teens can also take advantage of free programs, and, of course, check out books!