Anna and Abby’s Yard

We are so excited to not only be traveling, but especially to see family again. It’s been since October when we were last in Oregon, and Anna and Abby’s Yard has been completed and opened since then.

This playground celebrates the lives of two young girls who died in a freak accident in 2013. A huge tree in front of a house across the street from Rogers Park came down and serves as the foundation of a number of structures in the park. You can see photos of sections of the tree here.

The spirits of Anna and Abby grace the yard
This is the tail of a very long dragon
Soon these shelves will house a Little Free Library

Fernhill Wetlands

Amazingly, after 4 months of being home in Claremont, we made plans to actually get out of California. We quarantined for two weeks and then got into our car and drove 1,000 miles in one day to Forest Grove, Oregon to visit our daughter and her family. Two-year-olds grow and change so much, and after five months, we were delighted to finally be reunited with our grandson.

It’s still safe to go outside, as long as we stay distanced from others, so one day we wandered in the Fernhill Wetlands. This water management facility makes for a lovely outing, with a variety of plants, trees, waterways, birds and many trails.

Fernhill Wetlands Oregon

Anna and Abby

Out of tragedy, a renewed hope. In 2013 in Forest Grove, Oregon, two young girls, Anna and Abby were tragically killed in a freak accident. Their mom has turned her grief into an outpouring of love, and you can read about it on her website here.

This tree has been decorated in Abby and Anna’s memory at the site of the accident.

You can read about the Love Rocks here.

IMG_9005Recently an amazingly large tree was cut down across from Rogers Park in Forest Grove as the owners of the house were afraid it would come down by itself and cause damage. This wood will be turned into play structures in the Rogers Park restoration in Anna and Abby’s Yard Memorial Playground.