A Perfect Day in Delft

Delft BikeOur entire trip was so relaxing and fun, but I think we both agreed that the day we rode bikes in and around Delft, Holland, was our favorite day. I don’t know if it was because it was so much fun to ride bikes on flat paths, if it was the nice weather, if it was the beauty of the landscape, or being with our friend that made it the best, but it was certainly a high point on our vacation.

The day started with heading to the train station to pick up rental bikes. These are the fun one-speed bikes where you brake by pedaling backwards, just like I did when I was a kid.

Under the train station is a huge bike parking lot for commuters. This is just a small part of it.

First stop was a five minute ride away to stop for coffee and pastries at a little French cafe.

Then we rode out into the countryside outside of the city.

All that biking made us a little tired, so we stopped to look at the modern view of this Vermeer painting, View of Delft. It looks a little different now than it did in his day.

Delft view Vermeer

This view happens to be close to a great place to get a cold drink.

Delft Drinks

We were told we were only halfway done with our tour, so we headed off again seeing some cute little churches in the country.

Delft Chuch

By this time we needed lunch, so we had some sandwiches in this lovely place that looks like a greenhouse.

Delft Restaurant

The last push of our ride took us to the cheese shop and fresh vegetable shop for dinner ingredients.

Delft Cheese Shop

If I lived in Delft, I could easily have a blog with a photo a day because there is endless inspiration for pictures. Delftography?



Once the land grant office, currently a gourmet street taco place, Petiscos is a great little spot to have some fish tacos and other deliciousness.

Petiscos sign

Order at the window of the little teal building

Petiscos Menu

then head back into the quiet yard and choose a picnic table.

Pick up your food and enjoy! The tacos are tasty, but our very favorite was the street corn cup (in the middle). Tacos used to run between $4-7, but now all are $3 each.

Petiscos Food


Elvira’s in the Old School House

Claremont Old School HouseA new Mexican restaurant in Claremont is always worth a try. The original Elvira’s (pronounced El-vee-ra, according to the Courier article) in Upland sits outside our regular field of vision, but we had been once and really enjoyed it. Now the new location has opened in the Old School House, Claremont’s first high school, on the corner of Indian Hill and Foothill Blvds.

The official front door is on the west side facing Trader Joe’s, but one can also enter the back door near Indian Hill and walk through the restaurant to request a seat.


Elvira's Claremont

The interior is in the former high school library, and there are lovely high ceilings in this room. The room next door near the bar is darker and louder. So next time I will try to sit in this room with the original restored art.

I hope that someday Elvira’s will have outdoor seating, even though there are many tables inside.

I can vouch for the spinach enchiladas – they had lots of flavor!

May 2017 Photo Round-Up

During Finals we had the German and Chinese Language Residents and some German-speaking students over for a little cultural exchange. We made s’mores (definitely an American treat) and the German Language Resident made Spaghetti Ice which looks like spaghetti, but is really whipped cream with ice cream through a press that makes it look like pasta, topped with pureed strawberries and coconut flakes. Yummy.

We replaced our dying tangerine tree with a dwarf avocado. We choose a large size as we don’t want to wait 20 years to make homemade guacamole.

The store at the botanical gardens is closing for the season, so we had to go one last time before fall. And then we had to go check out the current exhibit in the one-room gallery.

The duck on the pillar at Harvey Mudd College is gone. I hope it’s because the pole has just been painted, and the duck might reappear.

Memorial Day was a perfect day to try out our new car bike-rack and take a ride around the Back Bay in Newport Beach.

Bring on June Gloom!



IMG_5593Podges Claremont Juice Co., a 20-year mainstay on Yale, recently commissioned Janine Hattas Wilson to create two murals for their back patio walls.

In a tribute to the town’s agricultural past and the century-old status of the building housing Podge’s, Ms. Hattas Wilson has opted to paint a scene of local citrus workers in the early 20th century, reported the Claremont Courier.

With the recent summer-like weather in So Cal, it is worth a visit to Podges for a smoothie and to sit in the shade, listen to the fountain, and enjoy Claremont’s new murals.



This poem comes from Kenneth Koch’s book Wishes, Lies and Dreams, in which he works with children to create poetry.

My Favorite Color

My favorite color is orange. Everything is orange. Trees are orange, birds are orange, snow is orange, grass, you, me and goats, rain, sky and many more things. I like orange because it is a light color. Orange is like a melody singing by. Orange reminds me of floating in air. That’s why orange is my favorite color.

Mayra Morales

New Little Free Library – Dickinson

In all this book lover’s reporting on Claremont’s Little Free IMG_5573Libraries, never has there been a Grand Opening of one of these treasures. Until now. The kind owners of this local book exchange live at 406 Springfield (just south of Arrow Hwy) and hosted a neighborhood party to showcase their official Little Free Library (registered at littlefreelibrary.org).

Not only does the official box have a nice selection of reading material, it also has doggie treats and a little guest book to sign, as well as a bench.


The party included a bookmark-making station and a nice spread of goodies, as well as a table full of books for the taking.

You can follow this library on Instagram under Claremontlittlefreelibrary.

Of course, this was the first poem that popped into my mind about books.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 4.57.03 PM