Wheeler Park Mural

I wish I could have been at the dedication of the new mural at Wheeler Park. At least I could see these photos of the ceremony, and I can go over and look at it when I want to.

Timothy Robert Smith

Painted by Timothy Robert Smith with help from Vista del Valle and ArtStart Students, the mural portrays kids at play in a cardboard boat and being attacked by a Kraken.

Mural Wheeler Park Claremont

Mural in progress


Mural Wheeler Park

Finished mural

Wheeler Park


Evanescent Children’s Art


This ARTstART exhibit (StARTitup) at the Ginger Elliot Exhibition Center in Memorial Park opened Friday afternoon and by today it is gone. Claremont High School students led children at Sycamore, Vista del Valle, Sumner, Mountain View and Oakmont Elementary Schools in various art projects, seen here.

via Photo Challenge: Evanescent

Young Authors

When Ley Yeager became principal at Vista del Valle in 1991, he implemented Young Author’s Day – a celebration of children’s writing. Each student at the school writes and illustrates a book for the event. Although he retired six years ago, the event lives on. Vista celebrated the 25th annual Young Author’s Day last Friday.

Students read their books to each other.

A local author or illustrator visits campus to talk about the craft of writing or illustrating. This year the LA illustrator Rodolfo Montalvo presented his work to students.

Don’t you want to know about The Day the Potatoes get Chosen?


Bright Start to a New Year at CUSD


Taken with H’s drone camera

Construction is underway throughout the Claremont Unified School District. Solar panels at each school site and the District Office are currently being installed with completion expected sometime this spring. You can read about the project here.

Some schools will have a new structure for shade over a playground area like Sycamore (above), Vista and El Roble (below).



Some sites will have covered parking, like the District Offices and the High School.



Homecoming King

On Friday, Claremont High School students voted Josh Witt as Homecoming King. My daughter used to babysit Josh, a young boy with Downs Syndrome. He loved the drums, and his mom made sure that he was able to learn to play. Josh came up through the Claremont Schools able to work on his music skills and passion and is currently a member of the CHS Band.

Another School Year Begins

And now, back to our regular schedule and photos of Claremont.


School started last week, and we have seen it coming. First the new college students arrived on campuses, then the returning students. Classes at the Claremont Colleges started on Tuesday, Aug. 30.

Public schools started on Wednesday with the highest temps, reaching to 100, of the week.