Bridge Amsterdam

Our vacation ended with a few days in Amsterdam where the forecast predicted lots and lots of rain, but we ended up with only a little. The last time we were in Holland was during a record-breaking heat wave, so we were happy to wear jackets this time.

During our wanderings, we noticed many buildings which appeared to be falling over. Since Amsterdam is built on land reclaimed from the sea, the foundations are not rock solid, but the engineers have kept the buildings still standing these many years.


Despite the wind, we decided to take an open-air canal boat tour, and actually, when below street level, the wind was unnoticeable. Besides, there were only nine people on our tour and we had no windows to obstruct our views as these cruisers did.IMG_6937

Many canals look the same, but the bridges have greater variety. The bridge on the top right was in the James Bond film, Diamonds are Forever. The bridge on the lower left was inspired by a bridge in Paris, and the three X’s on the bridge below the James Bond bridge are on Amsterdam’s flag, signifying what? Read here to find out. Our guide told us they are for three perils: floods, fires, and the Black Death. Who knows?


We got a close-up look at some of the thousands of houseboats.


Not all buildings are old, historic charmers. Some buildings are quite modern.

I would still like to go to Holland during tulip season. That will have to be a sabbatical trip since it’s during the school year in Claremont.



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