Miura Walk in the Glass Forest

IMG_5903While stopping by the Last Drop Cafe last month, I spied this announcement for “The Miura Art Walk” on the community bulletin board. Seems that Facebook and the  Courier are not the only ways to learn about events.

I was not aware of what or who Miura was, so I’m glad I went to the opening ceremony at Decker Hall to learn about these glass art works now scattered around Pilgrim Place.

Keiko Miura, a Japanese stained glass artist, spent a year as artist-in-residence at Cal Poly Pomona. She had once been a student of a Pilgrim Place resident in Japan, and after her time in Southern California, she gifted Pilgrim Place with a large work. At some point it was placed in a storage room and forgotten. Then it was rediscovered. Residents of the retirement community came together to restore and re-vision these stained glass panels. Instead of one large work, portions are placed in new frames around the campus, like its own forest.

After an introduction to the story of these panels, people wandered the campus to enjoy their beauty. It was a good day to wear a hat, as you can see.

Miura Art Walk

Each panel is similar to the others, but still unique.

The textures just begged to be touched.

At the end of the tour, visitors saw two different Miura works in the Petterson Museum.

Miura 3



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