IMG_5593Podges Claremont Juice Co., a 20-year mainstay on Yale, recently commissioned Janine Hattas Wilson to create two murals for their back patio walls.

In a tribute to the town’s agricultural past and the century-old status of the building housing Podge’s, Ms. Hattas Wilson has opted to paint a scene of local citrus workers in the early 20th century, reported the Claremont Courier.

With the recent summer-like weather in So Cal, it is worth a visit to Podges for a smoothie and to sit in the shade, listen to the fountain, and enjoy Claremont’s new murals.



This poem comes from Kenneth Koch’s book Wishes, Lies and Dreams, in which he works with children to create poetry.

My Favorite Color

My favorite color is orange. Everything is orange. Trees are orange, birds are orange, snow is orange, grass, you, me and goats, rain, sky and many more things. I like orange because it is a light color. Orange is like a melody singing by. Orange reminds me of floating in air. That’s why orange is my favorite color.

Mayra Morales

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