Sketched in Stone: Oh, Lovely Rock

IMG_4698My former neighbor, Dawn Grimes, spoke last week at a Rembrandt Club meeting at Pomona College. She has been painting buildings and other structures on rocks for over a decade. It may sound a little odd, but once you see one of her creations, you will want one for yourself.

You can find her art at her website sketchedinstone. What is particularly important to her in her art are the stories of the people connected with the houses, schools, churches, college buildings and other things she paints on the rocks.

Each work includes a kite symbolizing “flying high and reaching for your dreams.”


Dawn’s rock of Claremont’s City Hall is available for viewing in City Hall whenever the building is open.


Robinson Jeffers’ poem Oh, Lovely Rock conveys the endurance of rocks:

I shall die, and my boys

Will live and die, our world will go on through its rapid

   agonies of change and discovery; this age will die,

And wolves have howled in the snow around a new

   Bethlehem: this rock will be here, grave, ernest,

   not passive: the energies

That are its atoms will still be bearing the whole

   mountain above:

The entire poem can be read here.


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