Claremontographer in Kaua’i: Ancient Ruins

IMG_4230I can’t hike all day, every day. Sometimes I just want to view historical sites, and if there are old rocks and ruins, so much the better. Since the Hawaiian islands formed from volcanoes, many of the rocks found are volcanic.

Near the Wailua River on Kaua’i’s east side stand ancient Hawaiian temples, or heiau, made of these black rocks.


The foundations that remain represent various types of sites. One is a Place of Refuge,  others are a war temple, and a place for future kings to be born (Birthstones).

Above some of these ruins is a cemetery with lots of Japanese names on the tombstones.


On the west side of the island are the remains of Fort Elizabeth (or Elisabeth, I’ve seen both spellings), a Russian outpost from the early 19th century. Notice the red clay dirt. Lots and lots of it all over Kaua’i.

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