47 Things: Spring – Part Two

With this post, Claremontography concludes the 47 Things to do in Claremont. To look back on the entire list, click here.

43. April is National Poetry Month, so it’s a perfect time to go to a poetry reading sponsored by the Friends of the Claremont Library. Or stop by the post at the Folk Music Center to read local words.

44. Take the family to Claremont’s Spring Celebration, this year on April 15 in Memorial Park. The Egg Hunt starts at 10:30, and if you come 5 minutes late, the eggs will be gone. Be forewarned.


45. Celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 22 in the Claremont Village.


46. Take in a speaker at commencement. The Claremont Colleges hold their graduation ceremonies on May 13 and 14 this year. While the speakers have not yet been announced, there are usually some great offerings.


47. Treat yourself as often as possible to locally-grown strawberries.


And there you have it. 47 suggestions of things to do IN Claremont throughout the year. In case you are wondering why the Folk Music Festival did not make my list, it’s because there will be no festival in 2017. The Facebook page says they will return to the Sontag Theater at Pomona in May 2018.


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