47 Things: Spring – Part One

Spring comes early in Claremont, no matter what the Groundhog says. The official date this year is Monday, March 20, but you might want to put some of these spring suggestions on your calendar now.

37. If you like pie (and who doesn’t?), attend the 3rd Annual Pie Festival on March 18. Fun for the whole family.img_5112

38. Bach in the Subways. I don’t know any details about this annual event where musicians play the music of Bach in public places (no subways in Claremont, but check out the Laemmle Plaza). It’s possible that it might be on March 19.


Poster from last year. Bach will be 332 this year.

39. Sustainable Claremont Garden Tour.


40. Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden Wildflower Show. I can’t find the date for this one, but last year it was in mid-April. Here is my post about the show last year.


41. Take a Claremont Heritage Walking Tour. Every first Saturday of the month.


42. This is a great time of year to revisit the Turrell at Pomona College.


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