Donating Blood

img_5207When you want to feel as though you have made the world a better place, made a difference in someone’s life, you might consider giving blood. In Claremont the Red Cross holds a drive on Wednesdays at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. If you get the app on your phone, you can save about 15 minutes of time by answering the questions beforehand.

The people are friendly and explain everything you need to know and answer all questions.



Plus, there are always treats when you are finished….

2 thoughts on “Donating Blood

  1. Hi, Charlotte,

    Which Red Cross app gives you the chance to answer those questions before you get to the donation site? I did have that app on my phone at one point, and now I’m not sure which one it is, because I can’t find that survey or I was reading materials anywhere. I’m supposed to give blood on Wednesday, so if I could read those materials in advance that would be great. Maybe it’s only available on the day of the donation?


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