Toni Carrion

img_5020I do not know how many children have spent time at Village Dance Arts, the small dance studio in the Claremont Village with the big heart. It’s quite a few. It was my daughter’s second home from age 5 until she graduated high school, and then when she returned to Claremont after getting her degree in dance, it became home to her once again as one of the teachers.

The heart and soul of Village Dance Arts is the founder and director, Toni Carrion. If you ask anyone who knows her, they will tell you that she has a heart as big as the universe. She has created a community that has spread throughout the world. Now is the time for that community to gather around her.

Toni has been battling leukemia which has now turned into Richter’s syndrome. Her insurance has not covered treatment in Houston, so her family is raising money to defray medical costs. The latest update on this page says that she is now receiving similar treatment at home, but that money raised will continue to defray medical costs incurred.

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