Unseen Suburbia: Squirrels

I’ve been reading Unseen City: The Majesty of file-jan-18-4-30-25-pmPigeons, The Discreet Charm of Snails & Other Wonders of the Urban Wilderness by Nathanael Johnson. Pigeons will probably never seem majestic nor snails charming to me, but Johnson does present interesting facts about nature under our city (and suburban) noses.

About a century ago, eastern squirrel species were introduced to the west coast, and they have slowly driven out native squirrels. You might look at these photos and say “awwwww, how cute!” but these little Claremont buggers eat my fruit, leaving tangerine peels everywhere, sit in trees and make evil noises at me.

Note the little guy on the bottom right. He’s helped himself to a Marlboro….


2 thoughts on “Unseen Suburbia: Squirrels

  1. A squirrel who’s become a smoker?!!!! 🙂 The gray squirrels were much more appealing that the brown ones we now have. Someone near our place puts out whole peanuts for the squirrels, along with Sunflower seeds. One squirrel was hanging on our hummingbird feeder on a limb of our apricot tree drinking the sugary water out of it until we moved it to a wrought-iron hanger under the eaves. The squirrels can’t get to that one, and the hummingbirds love it. We also have a bird feeder behind our house, and I put nijer seed and sunflower seed chips in it AND it is a very popular place!!! Of course, I’ve had to secure the top to one of the hanging feeders because the squirrels had gnawed one side of the top of the feeder tube inside. Thank goodness for the big paperclips that I’ve opened and used the secure the top of the feeder to keep the squirrels from getting inside.


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