November Photo Round-Up

November flew by with these sights:


I bought this Paul Kittlaus painting at Pilgrim Festival. I believe it’s title is #79. It reminds me of stone ruins that we love to visit.

Thanksgiving at church

Thanksgiving Day. Hemmed in the center of town by the Turkey Trot. After the race was almost over, we made it to the Claremont Wilderness Trail for the 5-mile loop along with many pre-eaters.

We’ve had a little bit of rain with some lovely clouds.


Someone had a birthday and got a drone with which to take pictures. Stay tuned…


One thought on “November Photo Round-Up

  1. Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures of yours. I’ve found that I love seeing what you’ve done & what you’ve most enjoyed. I’m glad that you bought one of Paul Kittlaus’s paintings at this year’s Pilgrim Place Festival. Today we both enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving Lunch with many of the members of the Tucker family at Eric’s brother’s home in LaVerne. I believe there were 25 people there. Butch & I took 2 pies from Marie Callender’s – a berry & a cherry, as well as a package of rolls from Sprouts. Quite a few pictures were taken, including one group shot of all of the Tucker family members who were there. We did drive through the part of Claremont on our way to get Butch’s morning cup of coffee & some doughnuts for me at Pixie in the Von’s Center where they were having the Annual Race Walk in part of the downtown area, as well as in the street behind Memorial Park. I so hope that you & your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


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