Authors of Claremont Past

Claremont has had its share of famous authors, too.

When we moved to this town years ago, we heard the rumor that L Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz, lived in this house on N. College Ave.


Turns out that this house was built after Baum died, but his son and family did live here, so it sort of has a Baum mystique. It is currently owned by the University of LaVerne and serves as the president’s house. I have never been inside, but have taken this youtube tour of the house. (I had to mute the “music” of the video, but I did enjoy being an armchair lookie-loo).

Fans of the Betsy-Tacy books might know that Maud Hart Lovelace lived in Claremont in her retirement years.  The Betsy-Tacy Society’s Southern California Chapter installed this bench at the Claremont Library in 2000.

Lovelace lived on 8th Street in this house before she retired to San Antonio Gardens. She is buried in her hometown of Mankato, Minnesota.


David Foster Wallace might be Claremont’s most famous author, or one of the top few. I do not have a photo of his house, but this webpage shows the interiors of his mid-century modern home.



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