Celebrating Local Authors

img_4046Recently the display case at the Public Library has showcased books in the Claremont Authors Collection. One is not surprised that this college town has a high rate of literacy, not just as readers, but as writers, too. Books by local authors include fiction, biography, memoir, art history, children’s literature, local history, and environmental policy, among others.

For the first time, on Saturday, the Friends of the Claremont Library, under the direction of Rose Ash, brought a number of these authors together for the Claremont Authors Book Fair. Many came through the room, stopping to talk to authors, greet friends, and add books to their “must read” list.

The display case exhibits books of authors still with us, and some who are not.

This year’s Claremont on the Same Page book choice is Funny in Farsi with events scheduled from the end of October through March. More information will be forthcoming.


Next year I’m sure this event will feature other authors who were not here this year. Claremont has a rich literary well from which to draw.


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