Claremonters in England: Day Tripping

England is about the size of Louisiana, so distances are short, and we took several day trips from London. High on my list of sights was Stonehenge (I really like old rocks, which will become more apparent, if it isn’t already). I knew that unless one makes special arrangements ahead of time for off-hours visiting, one cannot go right up to the stones these days, but I was happily surprised to see that at least part of the rope was fairly close to the ancient site, and it was easy to get some good photos. The sky was blue with puffy clouds, and I have chosen just three of my photos for this post.

As long as we were going to sit on a bus for 2 hours one way, we might as well buy the tour that included Bath, as well and make a day out of it. We did not opt for a tour that included more stops, though, as this day was plenty long, though not rushed.

Throughout our travels we have seen various remains of Roman baths, most just bare hints of their former glory. The museum in Bath showcases the most complete ruin anywhere, and it has done a great job of presenting the site to modern visitors.

The city, with its ubiquitous sandstone Georgian architecture and large cathedral made for pleasant strolling with a stop for lunch at a Nepalese restaurant called Yak Yeti Yak.

For our other day trip, we chose Cambridge over Oxford, for no particular reason. We’d heard that either one makes a good outing.

We watched as people punted on the Cam.

We peeked into colleges, but chose not to pay $10 for each one to wander around. I can understand why they do that as students and faculty would not get anything done with plagues of tourists tromping about. We did find the free way into the Wren Library at Trinity College where we saw an original copy of Winnie-The-Pooh and other fine literature.

The tree on the left is a descendent of the Apple Tree of Newton fame.



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