Multicultural Day

Many of the Claremont elementary schools IMG_2726have some sort of International Day where kids experience various cultures through food, music, crafts and demonstrations. Vista del Valle celebrates Multicultural Day near the end of the year and combines the day with an Open House in the evening.

Each classroom spends a month or so learning about their culture, decorating the classroom with projects, crafts and writing.


On Multicultural Day each student has a passport and goes to two rooms/countries and also an assembly. Each roving adult can sneak around and see all of the classrooms during the morning.

This year students studied about and visited these places, among others.

Food was sampled, crafts were colored.

And when the travelers had returned home, they grabbed their homeland flag, participated in a school-wide, flag-waving parade, and then gathered at the outdoor stage for what is my favorite part of the whole year. The entire school sings three songs together, usually songs that the vast majority of the kids like, and we have 8 minutes of human harmony. This year we sang This Pretty Planet by Tom Chapin, and two Peter, Paul and Mary standards, Puff the Magic Dragon and If I Had a Hammer.



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