LA County Arboretum

A short 22 miles west of Claremont in Arcadia, the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens offers too many opportunities for photography.

IMG_2627One of the first things visitors notice are the many peacocks on the grounds. Their cries waft over the walls even before you enter. With several of the birds near the entrance, people create a log jam trying to get photos. They may not know that there are so many peacocks throughout the gardens that there will be plenty more opportunities for a snap.




Here are some of the beautiful colors on display.

Great textures abound.

It seems that many botanical gardens have decided to incorporate sculptures.

The special exhibit of the weekend was Bonsai.

Aside from peacocks, children of all ages enjoyed the variety of wildlife in the gardens.

Somewhere in my head I had it that Gilligan’s Island had been filmed here, but I was mistaken. Many movies and tv shows have used the arboretum for filming, including Fantasy Island. When Tattoo runs up the bell tower to announce “da plane, da plane”, this Queen Anne house is the spot.



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