Rubel Castle in Glendora

IMG_2405The Rubel Castle, Rubelia Farms, The Bottle House, The Tin Palace, all names for the 1.7-acre property built with pieces and parts. Junk? To some, but certainly treasures for the builder, Michael Rubel. Over 26 years he and a host of volunteers built the castle using an eclectic mix of items (from bottles to motorcycles) embedded in the walls.


A short jaunt from Claremont in neighboring Glendora, the estate is managed by the Glendora Historical Society and is open for tours on certain days. This past Sunday friends were invited to hear an informal concert of various music groups for an Acoustic Tea, organized by my friend, Rubel’s niece.

The fascinating details of this treasure, go way beyond the scope of this blog, but I can highly recommend watching the Visiting with Huell Howser episode.

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