San Francisco Views

Claremont celebrated its Pie Festival last Saturday, but since we had just gotten back from a spring break trip to San Francisco, I didn’t get to take the photos I wanted to for a blog post. So, instead, you get some images of the City by the Bay.

San Francisco offers so many vantage points for taking panoramic photos, either from atop one of the hills, or down by the bay or ocean. With nearly 100,000 steps over 4 days, we covered a lot of ground (and hills). We lucked out with warm, sunny weather.

From Twin Peaks:


From Land’s End


Photo credit to my husband

From the Marina District (with the cool Wave Organ)


One thought on “San Francisco Views

  1. “100,000 steps over 4 days”!!! I’m exhausted just reading about it. BTW, the Pie Festival drew a big crowd. I went because I had not been to one and it sounded interesting. Maria was working at a booth over by City Hall, and Bert & Rocky’s had some of their ice cream under an awning nearby, and I got a small scoop. Later, when I walked over to that outdoor courtyard by the Laemmle AND “I Like Pie,” I was amazed at the people standing inline to go to a movie AND the people in line to get a piece of pie. Back to your pictures – so glad you all went to San Francisco. Your husband is a good photographer!


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