Bach in the Subways – 2016

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Herr J.S. Bach! IMG_1948If you were alive today, you’d have to blow out 331 candles on your Kuchen. Instead, the world celebrated you this past weekend by playing your music everywhere and called it Bach in the Subways. Some places don’t have subways, but that did not stop musicians from spreading your wonderful music.


Here’s what went down in Claremont yesterday in the Laemmle Plaza.


A string quartet played The Art of the Fugue (Der Kunst der Fuge).

A group of ten (three violins, three violas, three celli and one bass) played the Brandenburg Concerto #3.



And a duo played a variety of works on violin and cello. This group reached out to small children and dogs.


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