Claremont Village Mural

IMG_6386If you take the Claremont Historical Tour on Saturday, you will get a close-up view and personal explanation of this mural along the walk-through between the former Powell’s Hardware Store (now a salon) and Legends and Heroes. If you don’t take the tour, you can see it on your own, anyway.


At the east end of the mural stands the painter, Art Mortimer, under the arches of Little Bridges, looking at the current train depot and painting the original train depot.


Big Bridges (Bridges Auditorium) is the other Pomona College building featured in the mural with the names of five composers replaced by the names of four painters: Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Cassatt and Rivera.


Early Claremont, around 1898, showing citrus trees, college buildings, and what will become College Ave.


Scene from Padua Hills Theater with Mexican Players.


Early Claremont pioneer “Tooch” Martin.


Claremont City Band c. 1918


Citrus pickers and college-types on a vintage automobile headed for Camp Baldy.


This mural was commissioned by the Claremont Community Foundation and was completed in 2000. After picking up a coffee and pastry from Some Crust, sit at one of the little tables along the mural and enjoy some people-watching, too.


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