Planetarium Show

IMG_1453Back in October, Pomona College hosted a grand opening of its new Physics and Math building, Millikan Hall. We were unable to see the Planetarium show then, but our patience paid off, and one of the physics faculty organized a showing for our church group.

I wish I could have taken photos of the show, because it was beautiful as well as interesting. The 3D glasses added to the enjoyment.

Two things I hadn’t known before were that Jupiter’s 60+ moons do not orbit in one plane, but each in their own. The second was that rings of Saturn are only one kilometer thick. One kilometer. Less than half a mile. So if you look at them straight on, you see nothing.


One thought on “Planetarium Show

  1. Thanks for posting this information about the Planetarium Show. Glad the church group went. It was such a treat watching the construction of that building from the huge excavation to the installation of all of the girders and to the slow-but-sure completion of the building. It certainly is a wonderful addition to that main entrance area by the Pomona College gate.


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