Goethe Institute Exhibit

You have probably heard about Goethe. IMG_1434You know, the German writer who spanned the 18th and 19th centuries. He wrote Faust and stuff. You might have even heard of the Goethe Institute, and, like me, knew nothing about it.

The Goethe Institute is Germany’s cultural institute with 159 branches worldwide, including six in the US (two in California). The Institute aims to “provide information on culture, language and other general aspects of Germany.”

Currently the Seeley G. Mudd Library on the Pomona Campus (no longer a library, however) houses an exhibit from the Goethe Institute called Umdenken: Von der Natur Lernen. Rethinking: Learning from Nature. Although the exhibit, divided into earth, air, water and fire is in German, there are English translations for those who need them.

This exhibit, coming into the US from Canada, was delayed at the border for three days, and it was unclear whether it would be here in time, but it did make it, and you can see it M-F from 10-3 and on some Saturdays until March 3. It is perfect for school group field trips, with advanced reservation. Hurry!



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