Ruth Dare

Ruth DareThe Claremont Courier ran this obituary for Ruth Dare last Friday. She had been my daughters’ piano teacher in the 1990s for about six years. Each week we would make the trek down into Pomona for lessons, sometimes heading to the Pomona Library since we were more than halfway there.

Older daughter had lessons for three years before younger daughter started, but younger daughter benefitted from absorbing¬†three years of lessons before hers started. She would lie on the floor under the piano during her sister’s lesson, sometimes rolling around on the green carpet. Mrs. Dare was completely unbothered by this.

She was very kind to her students, hosting several recitals each year, including the Halloween recital where children were encouraged to wear costumes. After the performances, from newest students to more advanced students, we were treated to hot cider and cookies from her kitchen.

I’m sure my daughters will always remember putting attendance and practice stickers on the large charts, preparing for Certificate of Merit, and Junior Festival, as well as these recitals.



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