Highland Springs Resort and Einstein

For your reading pleasure, here is the next IMG_2562post in the series “Following in Einstein’s Footsteps”. Years ago I saw his house in Princeton, NJ. Last year we saw an apartment in Zürich where Einstein lived as a student at the ETH, H worked at said ETH, then there was a coffee shop in Prague where the mathematician hung out, and then we looked at his apartment in Bern, Switzerland where he devised his theory of relativity.

But. Who knew, who knew? that Einstein occasionally vacationed at Highland Springs Resort outside of Beaumont, California? Maybe you did, and maybe I knew it when I was at the resort two years ago, and then forgot about it. Now we all know.

Our church women’s retreat spent our third weekend at this historic resort, known in the 1800s as the San Gorgonio Ranch, an outpost for the San Gabriel Mission. Now it is known for its lavender festival in early June, and people also come out for steak dinners, weddings, and, like our retreat, for group events.

The main lodge

The views

The lavender fields

The 1100-year-old tree


p.s. For a period of time, Einstein’s brain was kept in a cider box under a beer cooler in Wichita, Kansas, my hometown.



3 thoughts on “Highland Springs Resort and Einstein

  1. This is both fascinating & informative! Thanks for sharing information that’s right “under our noses,” so to speak, and yet it’s not something that I had ever heard.


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