Jim Mitchell – Redux Times Two

IMG_1150Many days each week I drive by the sculpture at Indian Hill and Harrison, on the spit of land where Indian Hill jogs to the west. Sponsored by the Claremont Community Foundation, artists may apply to have their work grace this spot for about 18 months. After the allotted time, the art remains the property of the creator.

The current sculpture, Redux, by Jim Mitchell, has been in place since mid-2014.



While working on my daily step count, I ran across the little sibling of Redux in front of a home on 9th Street, west of Indian Hill. Since I do not know anything about the artist, I can’t say whether this is his home, or if the owners purchased one of Mitchell’s works for their own.



2 thoughts on “Jim Mitchell – Redux Times Two

  1. So glad you posted this one. (I’m obviously catching up on back emails.) Like you, I always see the large silver and red one at the corner of Indian Hill and Harrison, but I did NOT know about the smaller one with the blue that’s in his yard. I’ll have to drive down 9th street to look at it.


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