Shelton Park Grand Opening

Apparently I don’t know everything IMG_1068that is in the works in the City of Claremont. A fence around Shelton Park, the pocket park at Bonita and Harvard, greeted us upon our sabbatical return. It seemed that the renovation started during the past year, but turns out it has been in the works for at least three years.


Shelton Park, home of the commissioned marble sculpture Simple Gifts, has been renovated to include drought-tolerant plantings, a new stage, and more benches which will undoubtedly draw more visitors, especially in warm weather.

During Renovation photos

Rain predictions early in the week did not pan out, thankfully, for the Grand Opening of the park on Saturday. Celebrations included:

Short speeches and brick-giving to important people



Food and drink supplied by local merchants

Performances by various musicians on the new stage (and in front of the stage)

I look forward to new times in this park.



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