El Niño Arriveth

IMG_1053During December, the pastor asked the children what we were preparing for, since Advent is a season of preparation. No one wanted to volunteer an answer at first. A little prompting. “What are we getting ready for?” Nothing. “What are we waiting for?” (Not even Santa Claus was mentioned.)

Finally, one little voice piped up, “El Niño?”

Actually, right on two counts. First, Southern California has been hearing on the news and reading in the papers what we should be doing to prepare for the coming storms.

And, second, El Niño is literally, the little boy. So, yeah.

The rains we have been waiting for arrived this week, although not as much as predicted, but plenty in flood-prone areas. Enjoy these water-filled Claremont photos.

Autumn carries over into winter with leaves still falling.

And when the skies cleared a bit, we could see snow on the mountains.


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