Claremont Potatoes and Elephant Toes

IMG_1015Claremont spreads out along the alluvial fan of the San Antonio Creek flowing from the San Gabriel Mountains to the north. We are the recipients of rocky gifts of erosional debris. One can hardly dig out a small garden without running into many rocks which have been dubbed Claremont Potatoes. While they may be frustrating to remove, the good people of Claremont have found ways to use these geological offerings.


One innovation used these potatoes in the curbs in the older part of town. As the land slopes, various sizes of these rocks are used and have earned the nickname of Elephant Toes.

If you want to take the 3rd grade Claremont History quiz here, you have two of your answers ready to go.


2 thoughts on “Claremont Potatoes and Elephant Toes

  1. When we first moved to Claremont and wondered about the large stones used in the curbing along some of the streets downtown, such as by Claremont UCC, we were told the story of the “Elephant Toes.” It must have been unnerving during heavy rains when the water ran down the streets from the higher elevations to “hear” and see them rolling along.


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