Claremont in 10,000 Steps

Nothing says New Year like the desire to get into shape and lose those holiday pounds. Maybe you got a Fitbit recently, or you are pulling yours out again. Conventional wisdom says we should aim for 10,000 daily steps. If you don’t have a device, here’s a little guide of approximate steps between various places in Claremont.

Of course, you could shoot your wad at once and walk the Claremont Wilderness Trail. It’s 5 miles, and that should get all your steps in.

If you don’t want to brave the crowds and parking lot, here is just one suggested loop that can be walked in various sections and adds up to just over 10,000 steps.

Start at the Public Library


to Village Plaza 400 steps (.2 miles)


to Memorial Park – 1200 steps  (.6 miles)


to El Roble – 1400 steps (.7 miles)


to Sprouts – 1200 steps  (.6 miles)


to CHS – 1800 steps (.9 miles)


to HMC 2200 steps (1.1 miles)


to Sycamore – 1400 steps (.7 miles)


to the Library – 1100 steps (.5 mile)

Now you are back at the library, go in, grab a good book and enjoy a little sitting-down time!


One thought on “Claremont in 10,000 Steps

  1. Thanks. You’ve mapped out an interesting route and the pictures, along with the listing of the number of steps AND the actual distance, really broaden the appeal of both the route and the regimen. People can do part/parts of it OR all of it and know exactly how far they’ve gone. That’s super!


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