Memorial Park Signage

IMG_0636It is no stretch to say that Memorial Park on Indian Hill Blvd. is Claremont’s primary park. Because of its central location, it hosts many community events. Our memories run deep with the 4th of July and Parade, the wading pool for young children, the Concerts in the Park, softball games, and just hanging out.

As many times as I have walked by and through the park, I have rarely stopped to notice, look at and read the various memorial signs that seem to be plentiful. One thing keeping a blog will do for you is to keep your mind open to see new things in old places.


In 1946 Memorial Park was purchased as the first Claremont park and was named as a tribute to the veterans of WWI and WWII. The flagpole has two signs listing the Claremont vets.

Here is a sign for the Freedom Tree in front of the Garner House.


The Bandshell sign could do with some sprucing up.


This sign was purchased with pennies donated by school children in 1962.


I don’t know who Dennis Rogers was, but this plaque serves as a remembrance of his life.


Not least, here is a plaque that commemorates the T. Willard Hunter Speaker’s Corner. Willard Hunter was a colorful person, who went to the same college as I did. We would chat and he would say that we went to school “just a few years apart” from each other. The above link to his obituary gives a slice of the treasure he was to our community.




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